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Hey, guys and girls! How many of you would want to roleplay with us if we started some blogs for it? Which characters would you like to roleplay with, too?

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  1. flyingturtleducks answered: Ikki~
  2. the-little-blue-rose answered: Oh Shin! please.
  3. elliot-trickortreat answered: Oh, Oh I would! With Ukyo! :D
  4. starrawrcakes answered: I totally would!
  5. karokunii answered: TOMA *-*
  6. sailorathena answered: I’m really bad at roleplay T.T I think I’d wanna annoy any of them but an Ukyo and Kent one sounds pretty fun :D
  7. victoriathegypsy said: ((I would love too see an ikki or ukyou blog!))
  8. brokenangel-wings answered: Toma and Ikki <3
  9. cookies4623 answered: Well, me and my friend Tanya are dressing up as Heroine and Ukyo for MCM :D
  10. platinumwitch said: I would absolutely love to roleplay with Ukyo. I think it would be interesting. /laughs
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